Vigor Gems and Jewelry LTD is committed to the high standards of social responsibility of our works. We insist that all of our employees provide the professional background of knowledge, information accuracy of our products, our factory workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.


We understand that information of product is important, thats why our staff will provide an accuracy information about our products. If we deliver the malfunction or inaccuracy products, we would be pleased to exchange or give you a refund.
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We uphold the rights of our workers. We do not tolerate involuntary labor, underage labor, or any discrimination. We are setting a standard in our industry for transparency and oversight.
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Our factory is located in Haifeng, Guangdong province, China. The total workers in 2012 is over 300 on site. We commit to ensure good quality products which made by us. Also, we insist that our labours are working under safety conditions; we treat all staffs dignified and respectful, and we adopt environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.
Workers make a cube shape from big rough by using cutting method.

From the rough to pieces

When a bulk of raw material is arrived in our factory, the first thing to do is slice it in a piece, what our worker have to do is slicing from the big rough to small pieces.

Our experienced manpower are able to find a suitable area of the big rough for slicing and produce various of products. Every little piece might be slightly different due to the nature rough's pattern.

You can go to our stone list page to check out the color and the specification of the rough.
Finished cube slide.
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Make a shape

After the process of slicing, our worker started to make a cube to a specific shape; the theory of this step is simple, but it takes long time process to shape it up.

This process is hand made mostly, our experienced worker put the piece of cube into the rotating machine, when the cube contact to the machine, it will trim it out and made a shape.

Kindly we're concerned the health problem of our workers, so we keep maintaining the air circulation at all working area in factory, ensure all labour can work under fresh environment and safety conditions. Additionally, every machine is being with a strong vacuum to decreace the dust impact on human in process.
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Hole drilling

Drill hole
Worker is drilling hole on the bead.
When worker finish process such as faceted, worker will bring the bead to the hole drilling section.

Worker will bring the bead to the hole drilling section after the process of slicing and cut faceted with the ultra sonic machine, our skilled labours are able to drill the hole piece by piece, probably they can drill over thousands of beads every day.

We do not just drill straight hole only, there are curve and some special custom request available



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Polish and finish it up

After all the work is being done, the final product is almost done, but there are still following two steps to finish it.
  1. Polishing - most of our gemstone products are being with glossy surface. Our workers need to handle a polishing process; this process is rely on machine work, and it takes at least a week to finish it.
  2. When polishing is finished, our worker will string up the bead pieces turn into bracelets, necklaces, and others.
curvestring it up
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